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One Cleat, Three Sports
Elizabeth Read

Georgia Orndorff' 27

I designed and created a promotional pamphlet about my idea for a custom sports cleat. I began SEEK with the desire to address the environmental impact and financial challenge that families of multi-sport athletes face by needing multiple pairs of cleats each year. For my research I found information on the technology and materials used for running shoes, sport specific cleats, and the process of design that a professional would use when creating a shoe. The cleat that I envisioned works for three sports, football, soccer, and baseball. My goal for the project was to draw sketches that made the idea of the custom cleat come to life. And to create a brochure explaining and showing how the cleat works and how someone could use it for baseball, football, and soccer. During the process of creating my product I saw that when developing an idea you will not be able to complete the whole thing without help from others or an extensive amount of knowledge on the subject.

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