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Less is More: Designing and Creating a Capsule Collection
Elizabeth Read

Eliya Brandes '27

I was interested in designing clothes that are environmentally friendly.  Through my research, I learned that a capsule collection is one way to create sustainable clothing.  A capsule collection is a set of 15-20 interchangeable pieces of clothing that can be worn with each other. They often have a theme that ties them all together, usually by season or style. I decided to design a minimalist capsule collection that fits my tastes, and I sewed a few pieces from the collection. As inspiration to develop my own collection, I researched the components of a capsule collection along with different fashion designers who I admire including Coco Chanel and Donna Karan. Although I wanted to create a collection, I didn’t actually know how to sew! So, my SEEK mentor connected me with a Winterim teacher who taught sewing, and I dedicated my Study Halls in January to working with her and learning the basics of sewing.  I created a variety of designs and used my new skills to make a jumpsuit and basic white shirt that are key components of my capsule collection.

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