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Explaining the Metaverse: A Website to Explore Digital Real Estate
Elizabeth Read

Isa Gelbard '28

I did a deep dive into digital real estate in the metaverse. Over the past 10 years, real estate prices in Nashville have gone through the roof, and at the same time companies have started selling virtual land in online worlds called metaverses. I know how land is valued in the real world but I wondered how pricing would work in the metaverse. Through my research I discovered how different parcels of land in the metaverse can hold or generate value. I learned about the economic principles of supply and demand in the metaverse and how our future economy could be based entirely on metaverse technology. My final project was an educational website that illustrates the key points of my research and provides information vital to understanding real estate in the metaverse. The website consists of a series of articles and blogs on a wide variety of topics. As a result of this project, I know how to research complicated concepts, how to write explanatory articles, and how to manage my time over much longer periods.

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