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The Mental Health Effects of Pets on People: Writing an Informative Graphic Novel
Elizabeth Read

Greta Haroldson '27

I researched the benefits of pets on the mental health of their owners. I love animals and was curious to know if I could find scientific research that quantified the value that pets add to our lives. I researched both the physical and mental benefits of pets on their owners, and learned what demographic of people most benefit from having pets. After learning some of the facts about the value of pets, I wanted to share what I learned in a way that was both informative and creative so I decided to write a graphic novel to illustrate my research. To reach this goal, I conducted additional research on how to write and illustrate a graphic novel, as well as how to draw with a digital art program. I used my research to create a 30-page graphic novel that illustrates the mental health benefits of having a pet through the eyes of a teen girl with a busy schedule.

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