Message from the Director of the Middle School

As the entry level to an independent college preparatory girls' school, the Middle School strives to provide a flexible and consistent environment that emphasizes intellectual and personal development. The best and highest academic potential in young adolescent girls is achieved in a nurturing, diverse environment that supports their individual intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs. In addition to content mastery, our middle school students learn study skills and strategies and gain confidence by developing the tools needed for academic success at every level.

As role models and mentors, knowledgeable and committed teachers work within a liberal arts-based curriculum that emphasizes fundamental skills in reading, writing, and math, as well as critical thinking and problem solving. A cooperative, interdisciplinary approach to learning balances challenge and vigor with thoughtful support. The Middle School academic program enhances thinking skills and broadens the base of knowledge while providing opportunities for exploration in the arts and physical fitness and wellness.

The Middle School program is designed to ensure that each girl is seen and known well by her teachers and classmates. We believe a sense of belonging and meaningful relationships with teachers and supportive peers are essential in cultivating an optimal learning environment for young women. To that end, every student works closely with a faculty advisor and meets regularly with a small advisory group to foster authentic relationship and community building. In addition, students have access to their classroom teachers every morning for thirty minutes prior to the start of the school day to ask questions or receive extra help.

The Middle School Curriculum is challenging, integrative, and exploratory. It encompasses every aspect of a girl's educational program: academics, arts, physical education, counseling, leadership, sports, community service. In addition to content and skills in the individual disciplines, the curriculum engages students in the process of learning, the development of good study habits and organization, and the importance of self-advocacy and taking responsibility for one's learning.

Judi O'Brien
Director of the Middle School