SEEK (Scholars Engaged in Extending Knowledge)

The Middle School at Harpeth Hall offers an exciting opportunity for seventh and eighth graders.  The SEEK (Scholars Engaged in Extending Knowledge) Scholarship Program was established to provide a student enrolled in the seventh or eighth grade with a means to pursue independent study in an area of her choice.  The initiative is designed to encourage a student to expand her learning beyond the standard curriculum with the aid of an in-school and/or out-of-school adult mentor.  A student with the desire and passion to explore a particular topic or subject of interest will be provided with the guidance and financial support necessary to complete the study of her choice. The topic she chooses to explore may be an extension of work she has done for a specific class, study in an area untapped by the Middle School curriculum, or the pursuit of a new skill or creative endeavor. For example, a student who applies for a SEEK Scholarship in September may wish to delve more deeply into the study of a particular topic in history, literature, film, science, technology, engineering, politics, world cultures, or mathematics.  She may wish to develop her talents in the area of creative writing, art, music, photography, drama, or dance.  Whatever area of interest the student wishes to pursue must lead her into a new area of study and result in some form of finished product.  This could be a publication, a performance, an original composition, or a piece of art. Each SEEK Scholar will present her project to the Middle School student body and will be recognized at the All-School SEEK Scholarship Assembly in the spring.