Middle School (5-8)

With the guidance of a caring and dedicated faculty, middle school students develop the skills needed for success in the classroom. The focus of every class is to challenge and provide support to our students. Through this intentional balance, our students strengthen their self-esteem and confidence and become well equipped to tackle the challenges of upper school and beyond.

8 Things to Know About Our Middle School

  1. Energy and excitement permeate the middle school culture.
  2. Our inspiring and nurturing environment fosters intellectual and personal development.
  3. In our safe environment, girls are encouraged to embrace new opportunities, take risks, and cultivate resilience by trying, failing, and trying again.
  4. Our students are eager to learn and to rise to new challenges.
  5. Our cooperative, interdisciplinary, technology-based approach to learning enhances critical thinking skills and broadens the base of knowledge.
  6. Our building is intentionally designed with the middle school girl in mind. Each grade has its own wing, or pod, as we call it. The pod contains lockers and gathering spaces surrounded by academic classrooms. Middle school girls gravitate to their pods, and we recognize that socializing is integral to their daily lives.
  7. Through our middle school program, girls build confidence and competence in preparation for future academic success.
  8. Our students dream big.
Janet Briggs, class of 2021, shares her thoughts on the middle school experiences at Harpeth Hall.
Judi O'Brien

Judi O'Brien

Director of the Middle School
BA, University of New Hampshire
MA, Columbia University
Traci Keller

Traci Keller

Middle School Dean of Students
BA, University of Tennessee
MA, University of Memphis