Middle School Academics (5-8)

With the guidance of a caring and dedicated faculty, middle school students develop the skills needed for success in the classroom. The focus of every class is to challenge and provide support to our students. Through this intentional balance, our students strengthen their self-esteem and confidence and become well equipped to tackle the challenges of upper school and beyond.

From the Director

As the entry level to an independent college preparatory girls' school, the Middle School strives to provide a flexible and consistent environment that emphasizes intellectual and personal development.


The Harpeth Hall School's Middle School Leadership Development program is designed to help each student realize and embrace her leadership potential.

Public Purpose

Harpeth Hall develops responsible citizens who have global perspectives and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world. 

Did You Know?

Harpeth Hall Middle School receives recognition for excellence in STEM.

Middle School students' creative writing is highlighted in the annual publication Intersections.

All Middle School students participate in Public Purpose and Leadership programs.

Several Harpeth Hall Middle School students received recognition in the EngineerGirl essay competition.

Every Harpeth Hall student joins one of four Spirit Clubs to celebrate Honeybear fun!

Janet Briggs, class of 2021, shares her thoughts on the middle school experiences at Harpeth Hall.

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