Middle School Academics (5-8)

With the guidance of a caring and dedicated faculty, middle school students develop the skills needed for success in the classroom. The focus of every class is to challenge and provide support to our students. Through this intentional balance, our students strengthen their self-esteem and confidence and become well equipped to tackle the challenges of upper school and beyond.

From the Director

As the entry level to an independent college preparatory girls' school, the Middle School strives to provide a flexible and consistent environment that emphasizes intellectual and personal development.


The Harpeth Hall School's Middle School Leadership Development program is designed to help each student realize and embrace her leadership potential.

Public Purpose

Harpeth Hall develops responsible citizens who have global perspectives and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world. 



Did You Know?

Harpeth Hall Middle School receives recognition for excellence in STEM.

Middle School students' creative writing is highlighted in the annual publication Intersections.

All Middle School students participate in Public Purpose and Leadership programs.

Several Harpeth Hall Middle School students received recognition in the EngineerGirl essay competition.

Every Harpeth Hall student joins one of four Spirit Clubs to celebrate Honeybear fun!

Explore our Curriculum


The Middle School English program lays the foundation for students to read, write, and speak well. In addition to these primary goals, we build a comfortable and open community for girls to explore and share ideas and opinions. 


The Middle School mathematics program stresses performance in basic operations using natural through real numbers and proficiency in working with percentages, fractions and decimals. Problem solving and real-world application are incorporated into daily lessons.  


The Middle School science program is designed to encourage wonder, teach scientific skills, and facilitate experiment-based inquiry and the engineering design process while exploring a broad range of topics within the earth, life, chemical, and physical sciences.

Social Studies

The Middle School Social Studies program is designed to cultivate a foundational awareness of complex global connections and the knowledge that a student’s actions can, and should, make a positive change in her world. 

World Languages

The Middle School language curriculum seeks to offer a variety of language experiences for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Students begin their foreign language study in the 8th grade and continue in the 6th grade with a conversation-based program in Chinese, French, or Spanish. 7th graders may choose Chinese, French, Latin, or Spanish and continue the study of the same language in 8th grade.

Three girls dancing a hip hop number during a dance concert

Middle School dance covers creative movement, modern, ballet, jazz, and tap techniques. The goal of each class is to provide a nonthreatening environment that helps the student become comfortable with movement in a wide variety of genres. Opportunities for performance are available in the co-curricular Dance Companies, which meet after school.

Drama and Speech

Middle School drama and speech courses are designed to give students opportunities to explore basic communication and presentation skills. Course work provides opportunities to explore different modes of self-expression related to public speaking and drama in an environment in which the student feels challenged, yet safe and encouraged. Classes impart useful information and provide a forum for presentations, discussions, and peer critiques designed to broaden the students’ intellectual understanding and appreciation of the art form involved.


Music courses in the Middle School are designed to give students a broad experience in both choral and orchestral music, as well as a survey of music history and music theory. The primary focus is on acquiring techniques that will enhance their performance skills as well as prepare them for Upper School ensembles. The program includes music from a variety of cultures, countries, and languages.

Visual Arts

The Middle School visual arts program is designed to stimulate and encourage creativity, build confidence in technical abilities, and provide students with a solid foundation in the elements and principles of art.  Skills are developed in each medium through age-appropriate projects that build upon what students have learned the previous years, as they advance from fifth through eighth grades. Student artwork is continually displayed in the halls of the Middle School. All students receive sketchbooks to establish the habit of drawing, and sketchbook assignments are given throughout the course. An introduction to various important art and artists of the world is incorporated into appropriate lessons. At each grade level, a love of art and creating art is nurtured, and individual self-expression encouraged.

Physical Education

The Middle School physical education program promotes the importance of lifetime fitness and physical activity. Students are encouraged to understand the importance of regular physical activity as an essential component of one’s overall physical and mental health. 

Library and Technology

When students graduate from Harpeth Hall, they have the skills to perform sophisticated research and comfort with computers and many common applications. Information literacy skills, including library and technology skills along with digital citizenship, are taught at all grade levels and across all disciplines. These skills are taught within the context of the curriculum.


Enrichment Classes

Students have additional opportunities to grow their talents during enrichment class electives that meet during the school day. Enrichment classes include Forensics Club, First Lego League Robotics Team, Model United Nations, Number Crunchers, Library Leaders, and the Middle School Literary Magazine.