Laptop Program

At Harpeth Hall, we believe technology should be seamlessly woven into the learning process, enhancing curriculum across disciplines and grade levels, and providing students with the skills to use technology in ways that will benefit them now and in the future. Technology supports and facilitates project-based and collaborative learning as well as interdisciplinary projects. It involves information and media literacy, digital communication, and global interdependence.

The Harpeth Hall Laptop Program makes learning possible anytime and anywhere. As a component of an integrated educational environment, laptops let Harpeth Hall students focus on concepts, active learning, and collaboration while enhancing the girls' interaction with their teachers. We believe the best way to teach students is to build technology into the fabric of school life and to make it a truly helpful tool for learning.

By giving students a strong foundation in the technology of today, Harpeth Hall is equipping students with skills and competencies that will benefit them beyond their time at Harpeth Hall. They develop critical thinking abilities to analyze and manage information; learn to study and organize effectively; and build confidence in their capacity to adapt to change.

Frequently Asked Questions