Laptop Program

At Harpeth Hall, we believe technology should be seamlessly woven into the learning process, enhancing curriculum across disciplines and grade levels, and providing students with the skills to use technology in ways that will benefit them now and in the future. Technology supports and facilitates project-based and collaborative learning as well as interdisciplinary projects. It involves information and media literacy, digital communication, and global interdependence.

The Harpeth Hall Laptop Program makes learning possible anytime and anywhere. As a component of an integrated educational environment, laptops let Harpeth Hall students focus on concepts, active learning, and collaboration while enhancing the girls' interaction with their teachers. We believe the best way to teach students is to build technology into the fabric of school life and to make it a truly helpful tool for learning.

By giving students a strong foundation in the technology of today, Harpeth Hall is equipping students with skills and competencies that will benefit them beyond their time at Harpeth Hall. They develop critical thinking abilities to analyze and manage information; learn to study and organize effectively; and build confidence in their capacity to adapt to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of laptops do the students use?

Middle and upper school students use school-owned Lenovo Yoga laptops. All of the laptops are equipped with a foldable touch screen and a stylus which allows for writing directly on the screen. Middle school students return their laptops at the end of the school year. Upper school students keep the laptop during the summer.

What is the cost to parents?

Our goal is to keep the cost as low as possible while balancing cost with program needs. Students pay a rental fee each year. The fee includes a laptop computer, a carrying case, a warranty on parts and labor, and accidental breakage insurance for the life of the warranty.

What about software for the laptop?

A. We use a variety of software packages. Before students receive their laptops, Harpeth Hall pre-installs all of the software they will need for school.

Can parents purchase the laptop of their choice—or let their daughters use a laptop they own already?

It is essential for both the faculty and students to use the laptop model selected by Harpeth Hall. This consistency ensures equal access for all students and maximizes the flexibility and capability of the laptops. In addition, it ensures that the school can provide complete and appropriate technical support.

What if my daughter receives financial aid?

All students at Harpeth Hall use the same laptop whether or not they receive financial aid. The laptop rental fee is based on the percentage of financial aid received.

What happens if she has a problem with her laptop or if it is damaged?

An important component of the technology program at Harpeth Hall is to provide a strong technical infrastructure so that students and faculty members have the support they need for their laptops.

The Bear Cave, our laptop help desk, is staffed by a professional technical staff that includes one network administrator and two computer technicians. Our staff is certified by hardware manufacturers to do warranty work on-site.

Harpeth Hall technicians perform a majority of warranty repairs in a very timely manner. Those requiring more extensive work are sent out for repair. When and if a laptop needs to be repaired by the manufacturer, we have loaner laptops available.

What is the Bear Cave?

Harpeth Hall's Laptop Help Desk is located on the lower level of the Ann Scott Carell Library. It is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 to 3:30 during the school year. Summer hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-10:30 during June and July. To make an appointment outside of those hours, you may contact the Bear Cave at (615) 301-9276.

Staffed by full-time, certified technicians, Harpeth Hall offers on-site repair for most warranty work and service in our Bear Cave. Machines may be sent away for repair when necessary at no charge to parents. Loaner laptops are available for those who must leave their laptops for service.

Harpeth Hall images all laptops to install and maintain all school-related software. Harpeth Hall assumes the responsibility to service school-related software.

The school will assist students in setting up a back-up system for school work.