Why Harpeth Hall

4 Reasons Why:

  1. The Harpeth Hall student is a young woman with limitless intellectual and personal potential who, like Nashville, is poised for exciting, transformative growth.
  2. The identity of Harpeth Hall is lived through the distinctiveness of its dynamic students. Here girls become women who choose to learn and grow, to challenge and lead, first on our campus and then in the world.
  3. The Harpeth Hall student is an independent thinker, a thoughtful risk-taker, a problem solver, a clarion voice, an authentic spirit and an empathetic friend. She is Harpeth Hall’s best traditions and the country’s bright future.
  4. The Harpeth Hall graduate is eager to take on the world — and completely prepared to change it.
I felt that all the students knew that education was important and that education was fun. They all seemed really excited to be at Harpeth Hall.


Small classes and individual learning are at the heart of a Harpeth Hall education.

36 AP/Honors Courses

Our teachers value rigor, but not at the expense of risk. We teach big thinkers.

700 girls in grades 5-12

Students come from 37 different zip codes and seven counties.





Harpeth Hall represents three schools with one vision: Excellence in girls’ education.