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Harpeth Hall School

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Portrait of a Graduate

Before she walks down Souby Lawn at graduation, your daughter will acquire the education and skill set that will help her grow into a successful young woman in whatever field she chooses. The Harpeth Hall graduate ...




Thinks Critically

She understands the power of her words and uses her voice for good.

She rises to intellectual challenges and discerns solutions to complex issues.

 She applies what she learns to understand herself, others, and the world.

She consults multiple sources and bases her opinions on reliable evidence.


Leads Confidently 

She empowers others through her example.

She embraces healthy risks and learns from setbacks.

She listens and seeks to understand others’ experiences.

She communicates and collaborates to build community.


Lives Honorably

She acts with integrity.

She possesses the resolve to make tough decisions.

She expresses gratitude and practices self-compassion.

She values and learns from diverse cultures and perspectives.