Message From Our Head of School

Dr. Stephanie Balmer
March 20, 1967 - February 17, 2018


For more than 150 years, Harpeth Hall and its predecessor schools have stood for educational excellence for girls and young women.

Today's Harpeth Hall students and the generations of women who have come before and who will come after them, they are Harpeth Hall. They are the extraordinary girls who come here to know themselves fully and honestly, and who will realize their dreams. They lead lives of intention and purpose, lives of profound consequence.

At Harpeth Hall:
We invite girls to an expansive experience. We believe that an all-girls’ environment gives every Harpeth Hall student the space and the freedom to stretch her mind, to raise her hand, to use her voice and amplify it—early and often. Both self-aware and self-reliant, our highly capable girls become confident leaders, armed with the motivation to pursue their bravest ambitions and the skills to achieve them. We develop the whole student.

Yes, academics come first—but we believe our 21st-century leaders must also be team players and change agents, able to see multiple perspectives and find common ground. Our athletics program challenges our students to push themselves; our visual, musical and performing arts programs offer new forms of expression; and our robust list of clubs, organizations, and service learning projects fosters the strong sense of community that our girls carry out into the world.

Our teachers value rigor, but not at the expense of risk. We teach big thinkers. Our teachers encourage collaboration and instill excellence. They’re thoughtful and intrepid innovators in the classroom and mentors in the lab and the library, on the stage and the playing field. And they’re completely dedicated to educating girls—creating pedagogy and coursework that brings out the very best in their students. We don’t want economics to stand between us and Nashville’s best students. Harpeth Hall is committed to a student body that reflects Nashville—and to the richness that comes with a diverse, increasingly cosmopolitan population. We celebrate myriad cultures, multiple perspectives, and mutual respect; and, thus, we work actively with parents of qualified daughters to make a Harpeth Hall education accessible and affordable.

Our graduates dream big and go far. Our students are known for being accepted to—and thriving in—the nation’s best colleges and universities. But they certainly don’t stop there. They earn graduate degrees, they launch companies, they become artists, Olympians, neurosurgeons, policy leaders, and community volunteers. They leave Harpeth Hall empowered to take on the world and fully prepared to change it. We are Nashville’s storied past—and its bright future. We are equally proud of our deep roots in Nashville’s history and excited about what the region’s evolution means for our future. With new Nashvillians come fresh ideas, new conversations, movement, momentum—but underneath it all, Harpeth Hall students have what’s always made Nashville great -- ambition, perseverance, and strength.

Our mission is to teach girls and young women to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably. Harpeth Hall is a school that offers an unparalleled educational experience. We invite you to visit Harpeth Hall, a school where girls and young women are inspired to dream big and go far.

Warm regards,
Stephanie Balmer, Ed.D.