Harpeth Hall Archives



The mission of The Harpeth Hall School Archive is to document and make available records that have enduring historical significance and interest to the students, faculty, staff, and alumnae of the School. The purpose of the archive is to promote knowledge and understanding of the origins, programs, and goals of the School, and to create a permanent and useful resource to support and enrich teaching and learning. The archive acts as the final repository for historical records, student publications, notable alumnae, photographs, and other documents and artifacts.

The Harpeth Hall School Archive collects, preserves, and provides access to records pertaining to the history of the school. The Archive does not include student records, health records, or Business Office records. The school recognizes the rights of faculty and private donors to impose reasonable restrictions on materials to protect privacy and confidentiality. Harpeth Hall reserves the right to decline any donation, and all donations are final. If you believe you have objects to donate to the Harpeth Hall Archives please contact the archivist by email (pethel@harpethhall.org) for more information.

Due to the historical value of Harpeth Hall's archival collection, materials are held in closed storage areas. It is thus necessary to consult or make an appointment with the archivist (pethel@harpethhall.org) for access to any items. Harpeth Hall faculty interested in having students use materials from the school archives can arrange for class visits as well as individual research consultations. Other members of the Harpeth Hall community may submit requests for access through the Archives staff. Recently, the Archive has digitized annuals (1898-2012) and catalogs (1913-2017) as well as other periodicals. All documents can be viewed online at http://www.archive.org/details/harpethhall.