Step Singing Celebration 2017

Step Singing Celebration 2017

The weather held up perfectly for Step Singing to be held outside on Sunday, May 28 on Souby lawn, the night before the Class of 2017's graduation. Step Singing at Harpeth Hall is the year-end event when the leadership of the School is passed from the senior class to the junior class. At this ceremony, which was brought to Harpeth Hall from Ward-Belmont, the junior and senior classes sing their class songs on the steps of the Ann Scott Carell Llibrary and the Lady of the Hall is honored. All upper school students and faculty attend, and all families and friends are encouraged to attend as well.

The lawn was full and enjoyed a breeze as the Lady of the Hall and her court waited in Souby Hall for the ceremony to begin. Dr. Stephanie Balmer, Head of School, welcomed the crowd and introduced the 2017 court:

Presentation of the Lady of the Hall and Class Representatives (In Order of Appearance):

Seventh Grade Herald: Brantley Leanne Holladay
Eighth Grade Herald: Janet Elizabeth Briggs
Freshman Representative: Molly Elizabeth Myers
Sophomore Representative: Sarah Grace Bellardo
Junior Representative: Ellen Cochran Truitt
Senior Representative: Kelsey Kay Herring
Fifth Grade Crownbearer: Della Shaffer Dale
Sixth Grade Crownbearer: Mary Evelyn Roper
Flower Girls: Anne Victoria Coltea and Margaret Headley Greathouse

Lady of the Hall: Grace Anne Holladay

Remarks: Grace Anne Holladay, Lady of the Hall
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Passing the Leadership to the Class of 2018
"Wide Open Spaces" Class of 2017
By The Dixie Chicks
Accompanied by Russell Davis, Piano
Molly Bennett Gaglione, Conductor

Presentation of Class Gift:
Mary Grace Triplett, President, Class of 2017

"Where You Lead" Class of 2018
By Carole King
Accompanied by Russell Davis, Piano
Halle Claire Petrie, Conductor

Senior Pledge
Led by Adela Luisa Grohovsky, Class of 2018

Introduction of Speaker
Mrs. Jess Hill, Director of the Upper School

Ms. Elizabeth Armistead Lemon
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This special evening concluded with the singing of our Alma Mater.

Congratulations to our 66th Lady of the Hall, Grace Anne Holladay, who delivered humble and thoughtful remarks and truly embodies the Harpeth Hall mission to think critically, to lead confidently, and to live honorably. Congratulations also to her court and to all the friends and families in attendance.